New York/Berlin visual artist and educator Jasmine Justice creates ongoing exhibitions of paintings, prints, and drawings. She also works as a coach and docent for Berlin artists through the  BBK, as well as offering art and architecture tours with Context. Her studio is located in the AUGUSTE Atelierhaus in Berlin’s Reinickendorf district.

Justice loves collaborating verbally and visually and facilitates a monthly discussion group in Berlin inspired by Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process. She frequently works with art students in Europe and the USA, either as a visiting artist/critic or offering custom workshops. When not making art, you will find her curating shows,  doing web design, and fermenting things in the kitchen.  Several upcoming shows are in the works, both in the EU and USA, and in early 2024 check back for a special project with Jesse Farber, the other half of the collaborative Site Site Parasite.