Visiting artist and workshop activities:

I offer workshops and artist talks in schools and artists’ organizations throughout Europe and the USA.

Recent visiting artist and critic appointments include: 2021 at MICA Baltimore and Graduate Program of Painting, Hochschule Weisensee painting and drawing departments; 2020 ESADMM Marseille department of painting; 2016, screenprinting workshop for painting students at L’Institut Supérieur des arts de Toulouse, a week-long workshop for painting students at TU Dortmund, and a talk on my work at Museum Ostwall in Dortmund. I’m currently offering coaching/docent assistance for Berlin artists with the BBK Berlin helping them communicate verbally and in writing about their work.

 (please check here again mid April 2022 for posts from some of my other recent workshops )

workshop ESADMM Marseille March 2020

burning our worries: an icebeaker and art making prep activity for the beginning of a workshop


in Marseille

Taking back our attention and re-focusing: In this workshop with the class of Professor Katharina Schmidt, we used visual and olfactory art making methods to selectively focus our artistic awareness and intentions.

I implemented performance-type group activities in order to create a safe collaborating space and activate the collective energy of the participants.

We also experienced how ritual art making activities can be explored and invented in order to address a wide range of specific obstacles to art making and  to find new ways for working through ideas.